Are you looking for library management system for sale in Nairobi Kenya? Look no further as at Nextgen Solutions we have affordable Library management systems that will meet your need. Online Library System is an automatic Library System that handles the varied functions of the library. It provides an entire solution to library management software. The web Library Management System is assessed into two parts Universal Product Code System and RFID System. For the Best Online Library management systems contact us on 0706731791


The library plays a crucial role altogether schools and colleges, no institution can exist without Library Administration Software. It’s a crucial a part of every school and college and it helps the librarian to stay records of obtainable books also as issued books. Library Management Systems software helps in several ways by providing students the power to find out, gather resources, promote group learning, and improve knowledge and skills.


Features of Our Online Library Management System


Back-end – Admin Panel:


  1. Dashboard (graphical report of recent activities)
  2. General settings (system customization)
  3. Member management (member types and members)
  4. Book management (book categories and books )
  5. Print book catalog (barcode)
  6. Circulation management (circulation settings and issue & return books to/from members)
  7. Notify members by SMS or Email (several SMS and Email API integration)
  8. Requested books by members (accept or reject requests)
  9. Daily read books (books are being read everyday)
  10. Report (fine report and notification report)
  11. Online read facility (PDF,ePUB)
  12. Multilingual
  13. RTL Support

Back-end – Member Panel:

  1. Advanced book search
  2. View circulation history
  3. View status of requested books
  4. View notifications from admin
  5. Read e-book online (if available)
  6. Change password
  7. Multilingual
  8. RTL Support


    1. Most read books, most issued books, most recent books preview
    2. Advanced book search
    3. Contact page
    4. Member registration
    5. Multilingual
    6. RTL Support


The demand for Library Automation Software in India is increasing day by day with the advancement of the system. As we all live within the digital age, everyone prefers quick and accurate service. Most schools and colleges prefer the Library Management Systems thanks to the organized and systematic management of the database. College Library Software helps the scholars to organize their projects easily and in less time. It also helps in preparing notes and assignments.


Library Management System helps the scholars in better learning by providing quick access to the library system. With Advance Library Software they will easily find books, catalogs, magazines of their interest. The library may be an excellent spot to review and make notes which ultimately help in scoring an honest score.


Library Management System stores every information electronically and in an organized and systematic way which results in effective results. It enhances the general performance of the scholars and develops the habit of silent reading. The software is meant in such how that it modernize the library system and help the scholars to form the simplest use of the Library Automation System.