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Mobile App Development In Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking for the best mobile app developers in  Nairobi, Kenya ? We are Kenya app expert in iOS and Android app development.And you can rely on our professional expert Mobile developers at Nextgen Solutions.You could also be wondering “Can I get mobile app development services near me” ?. Yes you can. As we offer mobile app development across the country.We build beautiful yet powerful Android/iOS applications that solve everyday business problems. We provide the best mobile app development services in Nairobi, Kenya. Contact us today on +254 7 29 150 253

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Why choose our app development services

  • 2 BUSINESS DAY TO starting motor A PROJECT

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Top Best Mobile app development Services in Kenya

We live in a world called Mobile-First .Where your customers rely heavily on smartphones for his or her online activities. Hence, you would like to rethink the mobile experience and customer satisfaction.
Mobile apps are the middle of innovation for several years. With the ever-increasing market. And latest technologies, mobile offers many new opportunities.So that   brands  can deliver value to  their customers in moments of need.
Whether the requirement is big or small, vital or trivial.At Nextgen we have been delivering. Mobile app development services in Nairobi,Kenya. To brands, organizations, start-ups and individuals from  the last 15 years.


app developers in kenya

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iOS and ANDROID Mobile app development company in Nairobi Kenya


At Nextgen we are an iPhone/iOS application development company based within Nairobi Kenya.And so we knows the way to build high-performance.With feature-packed apps for delightful user experience. Our team of technically savvy iOS developers.Are able to program in native languages like Swift or Objective-C. And may build cross-platform native applications using React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#). Whether you’re reaching to build the mobile application. Because of the consumer needs and enterprises.At Nextgen  we will exceed your expectations (whatever they are).

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Android could be a fastest growing package. For smartphone devices and has become popular in its every update. We all know the way to develop versatile. And user-friendly, powerful and scalable applications of any category. Our full-stack Android developers. Are skilled with native and hybrid programming languages. This has given us the flexibility to create apps from simple to complex functionalities for various industries. We do not just build apps; we deliver perfection with every app.

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Our App Development Services in Nairobi


We don’t just bring the ‘wow effect’ into mobile apps. But specialize in developing design ideas.That specialize in meeting customer satisfaction within the mobile-first world.


Every mobile app demands its own set of user experience, technology, security. And compliance checks. Some require constant support and maintenance. With supported  performance and business requirements. We are well equipped to satisfy any testing, support and maintenance requirements.


The mobile app ecosystem is continuously evolving. Many brands and firms are concentrating on building the presence on one application. By integrating all the business functionality in an exceedingly single project. Using the fashionable development platforms.We are able to build cloud-connected cross-platform mobile apps.That supply full access to device capabilities and native APIs. Thus, making it easy to integrate multiple functionalities of business ecosystems into the one application.


Native apps are built for specific platforms (Android/iOS) using the event tools and languages that the platform offers. we’ve got the entire expertise in building native applications. Utilizing all the OS-specific features to supply a wonderful app experience and customer satisfaction.


Technology has made it possible for the workforce to beat geographical boundaries. it’s also simplified the way we do business online. With enterprises focusing work from anywhere. And have data available anytime. We understand enterprise mobility solutions.And have worked with various security frameworks that employment to shield sensitive and wind. Our veteran developers. Are dedicated to putting together enterprise mobility solutions.That address the foremost acute business challenges and help the corporate improve core.


Having an app built is  the start towards your business success. To create an effect and make an area for yourself within the crowded app market. You would like a push of app marketing. Which will drive app installations and build the loyal customer base. we provide unique and competitive app promotional services.That generate brand awareness, drive app installations and increase app engagement.



Every mobile app demands its own set of user experience, technology, security and compliance checks. Some require constant support and maintenance supported the performance and business requirements. We are well equipped to satisfy any testing, support and maintenance requirements.


The mobile app ecosystem is continuously evolving. Many brands and firms are concentrating on building the presence on one application, by integrating all the business functionality in an exceedingly single project. Using the fashionable development platforms, we are able to build cloud-connected cross-platform mobile apps that supply full access to device capabilities and native APIs. Thus, making it easy to integrate multiple functionalities of business ecosystems into the one application.


Many businesses prefer hybrid apps over native apps mostly for the code compatibility with different mobile platforms like iPhone, Android given the exponential increase within the cost of per-platform development and also the need for rapid time to promote. As a full-service mobile app development firm, we used advanced mobile frameworks like Xamarin, Cordova (PhoneGap) and React Native that perform like native ones.
Nextgen Solutions mobile enablement services can facilitate your re-engineer your existing software/technology to the mobile platform in no time. Now you’ll mobilize your enterprise to extend customer engagement and employee productivity by delivering mobile-driven applications and solutions in real time. Meet the changing needs of your customers/employees and increase overall profitability.


With innovation in technology and changing business scenario, companies are forced to update their applications and legacy systems to satisfy the new requirements. With extensive experience in an exceedingly wide selection of technologies, platforms and different enterprise architectures, we’ve got moved and upgraded many legacy applications to the newest technologies and have helped companies significantly improve performance and scalability at the identical time reducing maintenance and supporting costs.

I have an awesome app idea and I need a mobile app development partner

At Nextgen we have been building powerful, scalable and enterprise-level mobile apps from the last ten years. Whether you wish a native mobile app on the iOS and/or Android system or searching for cross-platform mobile applications which will work seamlessly on any device or platform (phones, tablets, wearables); we are able to turn your idea into a reality.Get in touch with us for the best Mobile App Development in Nairobi Kenya.

I already have an app and I am looking for up-gradation service to keep my app competitive and stable

We are a full service mobile app development company based within the Kenya that supply an entire suite of offerings right from mobile app strategy, design, integration, migration to upgrade. Our tech-savvy mobile developers are always available to supply 24×7 support and maintenance for your app. Be it Hybrid, Native, or Cross-platform, we are best known for harnessing the ability of recent technologies to create amazing mobile apps that facilitate your stand out from the remainder. we provide scope-based maintenance, provide a part-time/ full-time person or work with you on an annual maintenance contract.


Our platform expertise

covers the complete range gadgets. To offer you best out of technology, including NFC, RFID, GPS, Cloud, Printer, BarCode Scanner, Weight Scale etc.
We make Next-Gen commerce and Retail Solutions.
We help businesses to supply excellent consumer experiences across all types of mobile devices.By using the most recent technologies, like geo-fencing, VR and AR, NFC, RFID, GPS. And personalized push notifications.

Mobile Design Guidelines.

At Nextgen  we have Firm Grasp of Mobile Design Guidelines. Our mobile app development team follows the Human Interface Guidelines to create a trusted user-product relationship.Which enhances adoption and satisfaction, helping users interact, not struggle, with content. But most significantly, we all know a way to break the principles .When incorporating your app.

AR & VR Powered Experiences

Following technology ambition to steer the AR race.We help our customers put this promising technology to good use. Our skills are often instrumental in industries which already reap the advantages of AR, like Jewelry, Retailing.
Hands-On with Image Recognition & Machine Learning Technology
.Using tools like OpenCV to assist organizations in Jewelry, Apparels, Retail. And Manufacturing enforcement to acknowledge objects and patterns through rule-based. And machine-learning systems.


Solid Understanding of fabric Design.

We continue Google’s guidelines to assist you retain pace with the ever-changing technologies.And trends of UX and UI design. Our apps leave a unified experience across all screens. While engaging the user rather than simply pleasing their eye.Which  supply clear layouts and journeys, being accessible and handy to users of all skills.

Integrations empower business processes and data exchange. We develop a mobile app.Which will be paired with other systems.So we leave a room for further integrations.Be it your internal system or a third-party service.

Increase in Value

More value Once we start a project.Our team of Business and R&D experts will go that extra mile to grasp your idea and confirm.We all know what you would like to deliver to your users. We work with you to develop an app.That evolves together with your business and users, whatever challenge comes our way.

Rapid Results

Rapid results to assist you outrun the competition. As we  aim to shrink the gap between your idea and a winning solution. Our mobile team includes a knack for rapid prototyping and agile development.  Which enables you to induce to plug almost twice as fast as the other

Contact us today on +254 729 150 253 the best app developers in Nairobi, Kenya

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