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Malicious Apps might be hiding on Your Android Phone

15 Malicious Apps might be hiding on Your Android Phone

Find out about Malicious Apps on your Android phone.Like any other field, smartphone technology also has pros and cons both. If it offers us the comfort of ordering anything and everything from the comfort of the house through a click on related app, it also leads to smartphone malware.

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That’s what went on recently. British cybersecurity firm Sophos has listed down 15 apps which are nothing but adware downloaded by 1.3 million Android handsets through Google’s Playstore.  These malicious apps are overtly smart as they use deceptive names & icons thus prompting the customer to download then keep hiding within the smartphone making you forget that you simply had downloaded it once. With interesting names like Image Editor, Image Magic, Autocut Photo, Read QR code and whatnot, the hidden intent of the apps is nothing but to deliver ads and invade in your private data.

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The names of those 15 malicious apps are as follows – Image Magic, Generate Elves, , QR Artifact, Find your Phone, Scavenger Speed, Auto Cut out Pro, Read QR Code, Flash on Calls & Msg, Photo Background, Image Processing, Background Cut Out, Background Cut Out (developed by Haltermore), Auto Cut Out and Auto Cut Out 2019.

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Malicious Apps on you phone

Though Google has already removed these from the Playstore after receiving this information from Sophos, all of you ought to still check your phone. If you discover any of those apps sitting on your phone, follow this word of caution, remove them immediately, and take care within the future. There’s a reason for these flashy apps to supply you free Downloads. After all, they’re getting an opportunity to succeed in bent your private and tip. That’s scary!

So, Download apps from known and popular developers and make it a practice to see user reviews before any install. That’s safe!!

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